Thousand Oaks Restaurants in the Community

Establishing a business among the myriad of Thousand Oaks restaurants was a homecoming of sorts for founders, Mary and Maureen Harrigan.  Their vision of taking full service concepts a “step down” to something more approachable and equally as delicious was realized in the summer of 2000 with their first STONEFIRE Grill location in Valencia, California.  Since then, they’ve rapidly grown to open seven locations in total with an employee base of more than 700, and Thousand Oaks is their latest venture to date.

Opened in the spring of 2010, STONEFIRE Grill is a restaurant in Thousand Oaks that prides itself on an expansive menu full of the freshest and finest ingredients available, an exceptional standard of service and a staunch commitment to the community.  Few Thousand Oaks restaurants aim to fire on all cylinders as STONEFIRE does everyday.  As residents of the Conejo Valley, the STONEFIRE founders sought not only to satisfy their guests in the traditional restaurant sense, but they knew that it was equally important to firmly plant their feet in the community as active pillars.  As such, STONEFIRE Grill Thousand Oaks, and the other six locations throughout Southern California for that matter, pledge to actively support local schools, religious organizations and nonprofits making a difference whenever possible.  We understand that our community is only as strong as the people that comprise it.  Therefore, STONEFIRE does its best to lead by example, and we tend to think it’s a contagious one.  Our popularity continues to rise in the Conejo Valley not only as a result of the quality and value we provide, but also because of our desire to help those who deserve it.  We couldn’t be prouder to continue in this manner, knowing that just as we lend our support, so also will we be supported in return.

All of this, of course, would not take us very far if we didn’t offer some incredibly delicious food compared to other Thousand Oaks restaurants!  Be sure to get a better idea of everything we have to offer Click here.  Our signature items include mesquite-grilled Tri Tip, Lemon Garlic Chicken, Sesame Glazed Salmon, BBQ Chopped salad and freshly baked, irresistible Breadsticks, to name a few.  Be sure to indulge in our triple layer, sinfully delicious carrot cake, a recipe the founders’ mother made for the family growing up, but on an entirely different level!  All of STONEFIRE Grill’s recipes, in fact, stem long held family ones, making the notion of a home cooked meal that much better!

STONEFIRE Grill Thousand Oaks is located across from the Thousand Oaks Auto Mall between Westlake Blvd. and Hampshire Rd. at 3635 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd.  For more detailed information, including driving directions, please Click hereSTONEFIRE Grill, not only here to serve great-tasting food at prices that define ‘value’, but to serve the larger community as well.